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United Kingdom
I'm an illustrator who utilizes both traditional and digital techniques incorporated in a range of styles. I've spent years trying to find my focus and be a success whilst always attempting to enjoy what I do.

I'm currently training to work in schools whilst aiming to produce artwork and illustrations for children and children's books.
Well! Whilst 2015 may have been an horrendous year for me personally, 2016 seemed to be a bad one on a more global scale. Somewhat anyway. Despite that though I found that I made some real progress in the year in almost every aspect outside of art, so I'm not complaining in the slightest. 

After years of being a useless bum I successfully held down two jobs at the same time, one of which was temporary but I still do on occasion to cover holidays and the other an actual factual permanent role. In retail of all things. And bizarrely I really enjoy it too. Also money. So with that stuff finally in place and the dust settling I can art it up without the annoying buzz of guilt and pressure! Always nice. 

Mad Monster Month took way too long to get completed, but I did get there in the end and I'm extremely optimistic that it'll be back on track this year. I've made some small changes to my life beyond work, getting rid of some unnecessary crap and so it's all looking good.

Oh, and I also got a paid commission a few weeks ago which I completed. And was paid for. In real money. Monopoly money counts as legal tender right? 

So, to my friends and especially my Gaian friends, I wish you all a productive and subtly sexy new year. Let's art.
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Based upon a suggestion by a friend; "The greater the struggle, more stronger and more beautiful its wings become."
It stood
Like an inky blot dropped into the night
Craggy finger pointing at a pale moon
It watched
With judging eyes hidden within shadows
Smiling a seers self satisfied grin
It waited
Malevolently patient and calm
Grim monument set amidst darkened waves
The Island
Opened up its arms in welcome to them
Fingers of bone akin to deaths dire embrace
Teeth sprawled out in some frantic disarray
Swirling shades of sombre blue and sickly green
The Island
Beckoned the wanderers into its maw
Whilst the storm brewed malevolently low
Rumbling chorus like tumbling debris
The Island
Finally so close with invasive stance
Gargantuan unmoving monolith
The Island
This forsaken abode of mystery
The Island
The Island - Introduction
Just a little idea I had to write a series of poems that interlinked to form an overall story, starting with this introduction to the setting. I may not even come back to continue this, but I also wanted each piece to be able to stand alone too, so nothing goes to waste.


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Happy B-Day to You =)))
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here you go! [link]
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Wow, I did not expect this. Looks great, thanks very much for sharing.
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yay i love surprising people i'm glad you like it ^^
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